5 Ways To Make Your Car More Personable

While it may sound strange, one of the latest internet trends is using toothpaste to clean up a car’s appearance. For many people, toothpaste is strictly used to clean their teeth, but in recent years, many people have found out that it is one of the best products on the market for many car DIYs. The following are 5 unexpected ways toothpaste can help clean your car.

It Can Help Polish Chrome Rims

When a person buys a Cadillac ATS in Denver, they want to ensure that they are going to ride in style for as long as possible. However, there are some aspects of a car that are going to dull with use due to its being on the outside of the automobile. Some drivers are going to notice that their car rims are becoming dirty and murky with age, which can be a nuisance to their car’s overall appearance. Instead of bringing their vehicle into a garage to have their rims replaced or cleaned, drivers can actually wash them themselves by using toothpaste. Believe it or not, but toothpaste is able to get rid of tough stains and dirt, therefore restoring the original shine and appearance site of the rims. All the driver has to do is apply a generous amount of white toothpaste onto their rims, massage it in with a toothbrush, then wet a rag and wipe it clean.

It Can Remove Stains Caused by Overuse

The longer a person owns a car, the more apt it becomes to stains caused by overuse. For example, the underneath of a car handle is often scuffed and discolored due to drivers and passengers constantly opening up its doors. Most people are going to believe that their car’s paint job was effected, but in reality, it just needs a proper cleaning. By using toothpaste in the same fashion mentioned above, drivers can get rid of these stains with ease.

It Can be Used as a Car Air Freshener

If an old car freshener is no longer doing its job, its good smell can be restored with the read the full info here help of toothpaste. One simply has to take down their tree air freshener, massage toothpaste into it, and voila!

It Can be Used to Clean Car Headlights

After a certain amount of time, it isn’t uncommon for a car’s headlights to take on a murky look. Should this happen, applying a generous amount of toothpaste to their exterior, massaging it in, and giving it a nice rinse can restore its original beauty and shine.

It Can be Used to Remove Scratches on Cars

Toothpaste can also remove the appearance of light scratches on a car. One simply has to massage white toothpaste onto the scratch until it disappears, and then rinse it with water.

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